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Purge Congress PAC has below the name of each candidate for political office that we specifically endorse or oppose. While we may not agree with every position that the candidate takes, but we reasonably agree enough on the candidate's most important issues, then the PAC may endorse and may seek to raise money to support the candidate. Likewise, if we disagree with a candidate on several issues, especially our Target Issues, and view the candidate as a threat to America, the American Dream, and American Exceptionalism, then we will seek to raise money to sway opinion against the candidate and to crush the candidate in the voting booth.

As we seek to support or oppose a specific candidate, then the respective candidate's name and party affiliation will be published below in the We Support or We Oppose columns. Purge Congress PAC is non-partisan; not Left, not Right, but in the aisle of Congress. It may support or oppose any federal candidate. Furthermore, It may support of oppose any elected member of Congress. We welcome your input.

The Purge Congress PAC space on this website is paid for by Purge Congress PAC and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

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