The following issues have been identified as Target Issues:

Illegal Immigration
Situation: An estimated 12 million illegal aliens have descended on America. Most are in search of jobs; illegal jobs for illegal aliens. Our government, for obvious reasons, cannot for certain say where they came from, but they are here.
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Lack of Border Control
Situation: Illegal aliens are flooding across the border, and the federal government does nothing about it. This not only has a devastating effect on the perception of America as a nation of laws, but it has a devastating effect on the future security of this country.
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Exporting of American Jobs
Situation: The exportation of American jobs is a threat to our national economic security, a threat to our national security, a threat to American Exceptionalism and is INSANE.
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Ineffective and Corrupt United Nations aided by Congress
Situation: The United Nations is corrupt, ineffective, self-serving and without a doubt anti-America. It consistently opposes the free world, democracy, the best interests of America, American Exceptionalism and mankind.
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Economic and Military Threat from China
Situation: China and its colony of Hong Kong jointly held, as of May 2006, about four hundred billion ( US$ 400,000,000,000 ) dollars of debt issued by America. Perhaps worse than that, it appears that China and its colony of Hong Kong hold about eight hundred and twenty billion ( US$ 820,000,000,000 ) dollars in its foreign exchange account.
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Iranian Regime Fomenting Islamic Jihad against the West
Situation: Iran is an incubator for terrorists and a facilitator of international terrorism. Iran directly supports the Shiites in Iraq, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hezbollah as it attacks Israel, Hezbollah's bombing in 1992 of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, Hezbollah's bombing in 1994 of the Jewish Community Center in the Argentine capital, Hezbollah's bombing in 1983 of the United States Marine Corps barracks in Beirut, Lebanon that killed 241 American service personnel, Hezbollah members and cells in America, and more.
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Dependence On Imported Oil & Gas
Situation: We view the fact that the US economy is dependent on imported oil and gas as a serious national security issue and a threat to American Exceptionalism. Americans are being squeezed at the gas pumps everyday.
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Perhaps we need a no-mercy national security policy?

The National Debt:



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