Purge Congress decided that our elected representatives of “the people” needed their own honorary listing of the Most Shameful. Our criteria for ranking them includes:

  • Taking Bribe Money
  • Killing people
  • Too Cozy with Lobbyists
  • Career Politicians (parasites)
  • Panders to the Public
  • Sexual Deviant
  • Egomaniacs
  • Just Stupid
  • Elitist
  • Focused on Narrow Interests
  • Anti-American
  • Politically Correct

We name a few below that should go home, leave Congress.

Kerry ... smackdown of America's military personnel.

McCain ... a hero, but clueless. Clueless as in; open to running in 2004 as John Kerry's Vice President. Sounds like another wannabe president; that he currently is.

Jefferson ... taxpayers' cash ( US$ 90,000 ) in his freezer, but still serving in Congress as of April 2007.

Ney ... Congressman Ney sentenced to thirty months.

Cunningham ... Top Gun hero, but bribed and doing time.

Reid ... Senator Reid, did you or did you not sell that property.

Clinton ... Hillary will take oil companies' profits.

Gang of 14 ... they think most Americans are stupid.

Conyers ... totally focused on impeaching President Bush. We believe he should be impeached because of the lack of border control, but Mr. Conyers get a life.

Pelosi ... Madam Speaker needs a 757 military jet.
She's off visiting with the president of Syria. Please tell us what's wrong with this woman!

Foley ... in a very sick way sought to connect to teenage Pages.

Rangel ... seeks to kill the tax cuts and perhaps the economy.

Murtha ... a retired US Marine in Congress that seeks to operate the Okinawa Baghdad Express while giving comfort to the terrorists; Mr. Murtha, these are the same terrorists that seek to kill you and millions of Americans. Mr. Murtha, perhaps you need a Jihad Number. We can arrange to issue a Jihad Number to you.

Help us grow the Most Shameful list. Send us your suggestions. E-mail us at MostShameful@PurgeCongress.com. Mention "Most Shameful." By the way, do you know the definition of "politics?" ... "poli" (poly) means more than one and "tics like ticks" means blood sucking parasites. You get the idea.

After sending your suggestions to us, you may want to hit the Purge Button... perhaps you'll feel better.

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