Welcome to Purge Congress, the defender of American Exceptionalism. Caution: our site information is in the process of being updated but please continue clicking through our site. Purge Congress was formed in response to the relentless attacks on America by many of our elected representatives. We believe that the most savage attacks are launched within Congress; are anti America.

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That’s right…the United States Congress. Purge Congress seeks to provide common sense solutions to major issues facing America in our effort to counteract ideas that are a threat to our country. We seek like-minded people to join our national reform movement, a true grassroots effort, in our quest to enlist 2 million members prior to the 2012 election season.

We believe that there is a yearning in our country for honest common sense representation in the halls of Congress; not Left representation, not Right representation, but common sense representation in the aisle of Congress. Purge Congress believes that we are at a vital crossroad that will determine the future of America, the free world and democracy.

Here we take a stand.

As we organize ourselves to create the national movement of Purge Congress, we agree that these are our basic beliefs that will keep us united:

  1. We respect the vision of our Founding Fathers and hold the ideas expressed in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution , and the Bill of Rights as precious values and principles in which to guide our country

  2. We acknowledge the value of the sacrifice and hard work that our predecessors made in establishing America and in keeping us free from the tyranny of an oppressive government

  3. We know that American Exceptionalism is a truly unique American experience and we will, without mercy, defend it

And we are fed-up with:

  • Career politicians and their sense of self-importance

  • The constant pandering of elected officials to voters in an effort to gain favor and get re-elected, in spite of the inappropriateness of the policy

  • A bloated and incredibly inefficient federal bureaucracy

  • A federal government that continues to reward non-work with incentives to be unproductive

  • A multi-trillion dollar failed educational system that seems to be more interested in the job security of teachers and administrators than in the proper education of students

  • Immigration policy that encourages people to illegally enter the country and encourages employers to illegally hire illegal aliens

  • Immigration policy that is aimed at creating millions of new voters that may favor one party over the other

  • Immigration policy that does not take into consideration whether an immigrant can speak English, has any American history knowledge, or any inclination to assimilate into American society

  • Immigration policy that favors the underclass instead of professionals that can have a more important contribution to American society and culture

  • Immigration policy that is designed to fundamentally change the cultural balance of America (we are tired of hearing the new and ever present customer service telephone prompts that say “ push one for English or yachety yachety yachety for Hispaniola”……..are you? If they can’t speak English, then they should have another number to call, just stop throwing all this foreign language in our faces because we are sick and tired of the “powers that be” that insist on changing our culture)

  • Federal policy to encourage the export of American jobs and the devastation of certain American industries (as former free-trade proponents, the Co-Founders are distressed to see local industries competing with foreign countries that have been given incentives to dump their products here, so now we favor Fair Trade)

  • Federal income tax laws that are so complicated that most Congressmen have to pay an accountant to prepare their own tax returns (we believe that federal income tax law should fit on a 3 x 5 card, and to keep things simple, it should be reduced to a national consumption tax)

And we are just getting started … see our Issues & Solutions section for more.

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