Yes, we can. Only by coming together and pooling our resources can we make a difference. If alone, by yourself, expect nothing to get done.

If we combine the donations of like-minded common sense people all across the country and direct them in specific areas to get specific results…….imagine what we can accomplish together? It’s like the rifle approach to marketing versus the shotgun approach. Instead of spreading our dollars all over the country, in every district and state, we focus on spending very large amounts in selected areas to make a real impact and send a clear message to Washington. Being successful in just a few key districts and states will make Purge Congress the most influential movement in the country.

As strong supporters of the ideas of Ronald Reagan, a certifiable common sense guy, you can probably guess how disappointed we are today with Congress. Our elected officials, from both parties, exhibit rampant careerism, self-entitlement and corruption. They continue to spend our money like drunken sailors, and refuse to curtail their pork barrel projects. It’s the old saying, “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”. The system is broken. The fox is guarding the hen house!

Purge Congress believes we have an obligation to our children and future generations to get this right……to correct the direction that our country has been taken, and to do it now! The scales can tip either way. We have the opportunity to pool our resources into one gigantic and powerful marketing machine that seeks to insert common-sense into Congress.

If the Purge Congress members do just a little, then we can get it done. Just $5 per month will help get us there. Imagine one million common sense people that register their credit or debit card for $5 per month? Can you see the power? Of course larger donations will get us there quicker, but just $5 per month will help Purge Congress as it seeks to become an effective political force in America……and with measurable results to back it up!

Yes, we can make a difference…… together.

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Purge Liberal Ideas that are a threat to America, the American Dream and American Exceptionalism.

Purge Conservative Ideas that are a threat to America, the American Dream and American Exceptionalism.

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