Purge Congress is a national reform movement to promote conservative ideas and solutions in Congress through grassroots participation.

As a non-partisan political movement, Purge Congress is free to critique bad ideas on both sides of the aisle, and to offer sweeping solutions without the threat of repercussions from any particular party. Our membership is comprised of freedom loving individuals from all walks of life; conservatives, liberals, and otherwise. We seek to educate and influence voters towards accepting true conservative solutions for the urgent problems facing our country.

Purge Congress is being organized much as a 3rd political party, with state chairmen, city leaders, county coordinators, and local chapters.

Purge Congress is a non-profit organization that operates under Rule 527 of the Internal Revenue Code. We do not endorse or advocate for or against political candidates. However, our anticipated Political Action Committee ( PAC ) will seek donations for the direct advocacy and endorsement of specific candidates for federal office.

We intend to become a major influencer in the American political process through our education efforts nationwide, as we project at least 2 million Members prior to the 2008 election season. Purge Congress encourages you to join us now in protecting our children’s future and the principles that have made America the shining city on the hill.

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